Thursday, April 8, 2010

where I ate in boston

science museum cafe-yummy food.
charlies-small place/great workers/good food/classic/recommended.
be good-healthy/local fast-food[i had fries and shake].
cost cafe-great soul food take out.
thai basil-fancy/dark room/yummy food.
pizza place-there are other foods then just pizza.
durgin park-indian pudding[gross]
I.c.a-on water/great food/[my first clam chowder].

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boston: Mapparium

In the mapparium there was a giant globe that was 3 stories high. You actually went in the globe and i witnessed it myself.It was in the christian science center near copley square.There was a lot of stuff about mary baker eddy.There was a word fountain with words in it.If you like there's a giftshop.

Back from Boston

I'm beginning my new blog with stories about the funnest things I did in Boston last week. I was there for four nights with my parents and brother.